The Port Bouvard Surf Lifesaving Club commenced patrol operations at Pyramids Beach in Dawesville on 18 December 2003. Full affiliation was achieved on the 26 May 2007. Since then the Club has gone from strength to strength in all areas.

The Club has increased beach patrol hours consistently each year. Education supports Lifesaving by offering members training in Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion and IRB crew and driver.

Woodside Nippers which is the junior surf awareness and beach safety program for children aged 5 to 12 years runs on Sunday mornings from October to March. Youth aged 13 to 19 years are strong and active in our Club. Our surf sports team trains weekly and competes at Little Nipper, Nipper, Senior and Master level in local and state competitions. The Club won AUSSIES Medals in both the Senior and Masters competitions in 2014.

Port Bouvard Surf Lifesaving Club recently embarked upon a significant capital expansion with the addition of a second storey to the clubrooms, adding a large function area with unparalleled views in the Mandurah area, additional training areas for club activities, and amenities.

With funding grants from Federal Government, State Government (Peel Development Commission), City of Mandurah ​and fundraising by the Club, the works were completed in July 2019.

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Our People

Board of Directors

President Cameron Baker
Vice President Tanya  Turner
Club Captain Reece Smith
Treasurer David Creamer
Administrator Tanya Patterson


Patrol ute on beach

Position Holders

Director of Lifesaving Amelia Cleveland
Director of Education Elena Rigoll
Director of Surf Sports Mark Chalwell / May Comoros
Director of Memberships Shae Chalwell
Director of Youth Michelle Hodges / Sue Kallawk
Nippers Coordinator Louise Wilkinson
First Aid Officer Milly Cleveland
Gear Shed Officer Jim Delopolus
Grievance Officer Jeff Kallawk
Grants Officer Tanya Patterson
Merchandise Officer Tanya Patterson
Social Media Manager Richard Cleveland
Luise Wilkinson
Bar Manager Helen Steffen
Elena Rigoll
Newsletter Tanya Younger
Cut2Club Representative Jeff Kallawk


Our Structure

Port Bouvard Surf Lifesaving Club is governed by a five member Board of Directors, consisting of the President, Vice President, Club Captain, Director of Finance and Director of Administration. The Board oversees the operation of the club and makes policy, purchase and strategic decisions regarding how the club operates in order to meet it’s contractual obligations, club development and needs of its members and the community.

The Club Captain chairs a Beach Committee, consisting of the Director of Education, Director or Memberships, Director of Lifesaving, Director of Youth and Director of Surf Sports. These five directors each represent individual committees, and are responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of their areas of responsibility.

Also part of the Beach Committee is the Junior Officer/s (Nippers Coordinator/s) who are responsible for the management of the Club’s Woodside Nippers program. With the Age Managers and parent volunteers, they assist with the education, safety and development of our fantastic nippers to help them reach their potential and be safe and knowledgeable when using our oceans.

Club Structure table

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