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Lifesavers with rescue boards

Becoming a surf lifesaver is joining a community, making new mates and giving something back to your local community.

To become a surf lifesaver you’ll need to join a surf lifesaving club and discuss training opportunities to get you onto patrol. As a surf lifesaver you’ll learn valuable skills patrolling as a trained volunteer. This means patrolling WA beaches on weekends and public holidays during the surf lifesaving season. You’ll undertake a number of roles, including aquatic rescues, providing first aid and emergency care and providing surf safety information to the public.

Once you have obtained your SRC or Bronze medallion and fulfil your patrol requirements, you are eligible to compete in surf sports events.


With a vast array of state-of-the-art patrol equipment, Port Bouvard SLSC is well-placed to provide a patrol service to the community at Pyramids Beach. Utilising the jet-ski, inflatable rescue boats (IRBs), drone surveillance and the latest in rescue boards, combined with roving patrols of the beach both on foot and in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), our patrol teams ensure that surfing/swimming at Pyramids Beach has never been safer. With a swift response at the ready and great vantage points from ‘The Wedge’ groin and our beach observation tower, beach users can swim with confidence at our beach.

Patrol at Pyramids operates from 8am to 12.30pm every Sunday between the start of November to the end of March.

Patrol team


At Port Bouvard SLSC we have a very strong Education Team and are able to offer all of the hands on Surf Lifesaving courses to our members. All of our trainers have gained skills and experience within Surf Lifesaving and volunteer their time to enable others to gain Awards in these areas.

We are currently looking for Expression of Interest for our next SRC & Bronze Medallion courses.

If you are interested or would like more information, please email the Director of Education

SRC training on beach

What do you learn?

Surf lifesavers undertake a number of roles including aquatic rescues, providing first aid and emergency care; and surf safety information to the public. There are numerous learning pathways and opportunities to give back to the community whilst improving on personal goals.

Some of the basic education covered by Surf Lifesaving include:

  • Safety and wellbeing,
  • Surf awareness and skills.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Defibrillation techniques.
  • First aid.
  • Communications.
  • Radio operations.
  • Rescue techniques.
  • Carries and supports.
  • Beach management (not part of SRC).
SRC training

Surf Rescue Certificate

The Surf Rescue Certificate is the starting point for young people from 13 years to learn and gain skills in aquatic rescue, CPR and surf safety. A building block for those coming through the Nippers program to keep them engaged in a community activity whilst improving and developing their skills. The Surf Rescue Certificate enables the candidate to actively patrol and wear the reds and yellows whilst still being mentored. Once they turn 15 they can complete a conversion course to the Bronze Medallion.

What does the course involve?

You will learn board and tube rescues in ocean conditions, First Aid, Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillation, radios and patient management in a fun but controlled environment. You will make great friends and gain valuable life skills.

Pre requisites for the SRC award:

  • 13+ years of age.
  • Pool swim of 200m in 5 mins or less.
  • Financial member.

Final assessment involving a 100m run – 100m swim – 100m run, board and tube rescues and signals.

Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion is the gateway to Surf Lifesaving qualifications. The Bronze Medallion is open to everyone 15 years and over and builds on aquatic rescue, CPR, spinals, first aid and beach management. Bronze Medallion holders are active on patrol and help mentor the youth patrolling members building a good team environment. 

What does the course involve?

You will learn board and tube rescues in ocean conditions, spinal management, First Aid, Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillation, radios and patient management. You will get the opportunity to join a patrol team and fine tune your skills by adding to your learning. That can be in a number of ways, you may wish to go on to be IRB crew or improve your beach management skills and go for a Silver Medallion. There are lots of opportunities once you have completed your Bronze Medallion.

Pre requisites for the Bronze Medallion award:

  • 15+ years of age.
  • Pool swim of 400m in 9 mins or less.
  • Financial member.

Final assessment involving a 200m run – 200m swim – 200m run, board and tube rescue, spinals, signals and first aid scenarios

What’s next?

After receiving a Bronze Medallion, members can further enhance their surf lifesaving skills by undertaking courses in the following awards:

  • ART – Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate.
  • First Aid Certificate.
  • Spinal Management Certificate.
  • Pain Management Certificate.
  • Radio Operators Certificate.
  • IRB Crew Certificate.
  • Silver Medallion – IRB Driver.
  • Silver Medallion – Basic Beach Management.
  • Gold Medallion.
  • Training Officer Certificate.
  • Assessor Certificate.
Patrolling members on beach

Woodside Nippers

woodside nipper logo

Nippers 2023/24 Season

Nippers operates on Pyramids Beach, Dawesville from end of October to end of March each summer.

 The 2023/24 season is underway. You can register your interest by emailing the Director of Membership.


Nippers from U6 upwards must complete the Preliminary Skills Evaluation. This includes a swim and a float appropriate for their particular age group. If your child has not completed this, please speak to your Age Group Manager prior to commencing the Nippers program.

For Nippers from U8 upward that would like to compete in Surf Sports carnivals and country and state championships as part of the Surf Sports team, an open water Competition Skills Evaluation Proficiency test is required. Open water swims are held at Falcon Bay or Avalon Beach and range from 100m (U8 and U9), 150m (U10) to 288m (U11 upwards).

These Nippers can join the Surf Sports team and be included in additional training both on the beach and in the water.

SLSWA Surf Education Programs

Nippers is about learning and having fun in a safe beach environment. The morning program will include a range of activities that are part of the relevant SLSWA Surf Education programs for the different age groups: Surf Play, Surf Aware, Surf Safe and Surf Smart.

Activities include:

  • Warm up exercises.
  • Water arena – swimming, board paddle and surf awareness.
  • Beach arena – flags, sprints, relays and 1km beach run for older Nippers.
  • Team games – ball games and beach activities.
  • Education – theory, beach safety, basic surf lifesaving knowledge and first aid.

Each age group is led by a qualified Age Group Manager who coordinates activities for your child. Port Bouvard SLSC is entirely volunteer run, with no paid staff. Any assistance you can offer on the days you attend with your child is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in Age Group Managing, being an Assistant Age Group Manager or assisting with water safety, please speak to your child’s Age Group Manager or the Nippers Coordinator.

Nippers uniform

Every nipper will receive a free Woodside Nippers pack, including a high-vis vest, age group skull cap, wide brim hat, and mesh sling bag!

Nippers are required to wear the skull cap at all times whilst engaging in the Nippers program, whilst under the direction of their Age Group Manager, and to remove it immediately once they have been signed out for the day. Replacement skull caps can be purchased from the club at a cost of $15.

All other club merchandise is optional and can be purchased from the clubhouse on Sunday mornings.

Please ensure your child has a rashie or long sleeved top, sunscreen, a water bottle, goggles (optional) and a towel. Additional sunscreen is available at the Patrol tent on the beach.

Surf Sports participants must wear their Nippers cap and yellow vest for training, but will have to purchase a competition cap if they wish to compete. They will also need club bathers for competitions.

Woodside Nippers Pack

Further information

The first activities for the day will commence at 9am sharp. Children should be signed in before this.

Session times each Sunday are as follows:

  • U6 – U7 9am to 10.30am.
  • U8 – U13 9am to 11am.

Any announcements of general interest will be made at the start of the sessions.

Children can start Nippers if they are 5 years old by the 30 September before the season starts. Nippers runs until they are 13 when they can opt to complete their Surf Rescue Certificate to become a lifesaver.

Parents/guardians must not leave the beach/clubhouse after signing their child into Nippers. As a volunteer run club, we rely on parents to help with the activities for the program to function effectively, especially with younger age groups.

We are always looking for new Age Group Managers and Assistant Age Group Managers. Why not join your kids and have fun too! For more information about volunteer opportunities, please speak to your Age Group Manager or the Nippers Coordinator.

Patrolling members on beach

Surf Babies

Surf Babies is a 6-week program for 2 to 4-year old future life savers.

Surf Babies is a fun and interactive program building skills and confidence in the ocean.

Contact the Director of Membership for more information and to register your interest.


Youth Program – The Pharaohs

The aim of the Youth Program is to engage, enthuse, and educate all graduating ‘Woodside Nippers’, and new youth members, regardless of their ability in any surf sport discipline, and aid the retention and development of members.

Our youth members (U14 to U17) are the future leaders of the surf life saving movement, thus we want to provide opportunities for them to learn and develop new skills to not only become better surf lifesavers, but also contributors to their local communities.

The Youth Program aims to achieve this by:

  • Offering a gradual and seamless transition from nippers to youth programs;
  • Increasing the opportunity for new youth members who did not participate in Nippers, to join and learn the skills required to become lifesavers;
  • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Developing in complexity throughout;
  • Developing individuals holistically across the pillars of surf life saving being lifesaving; surf sports; and training.

More information about youth U14 to U17 pathways.

In addition to the Youth Program, SLSWA offers a range of key initiatives including the Youth Leaders Program, Youth Program Pathways, Development Camps and Awards.

Youth Program Hierarchy

 Surf Sports

Surf sports plays a vital role in the surf life saving movement. Unlike any other sport their intent is to aid in developing the skills necessary to carry out Surf Life Savings’ core purpose, Saving lives on our beaches.

Every year thousands of SLSWA members use their lifesaving skills in a competitive sporting environment. Carnivals are held throughout the year at club, state and national level giving our surf lifesavers the opportunity to use their lifesaving skills in a competitive sporting environment across a range of disciplines including Ironman, lifesaving, surfboats, pool rescue and IRB racing.

Surf Sports team

Unsure if Surf Sports is for your child?

We provide a relaxed, fun and safe environment for your child to learn new or refresh old skills.

Surf Sports is a great way to meet new families, make lifetime friends and be involved in learning skills for life.

We are happy to provide competitive programs for those who are serious about having a go at our upcoming carnivals and competitions.

We take part in the annual SunSmart Country Carnival which presents a great opportunity to head to a location in regional WA chosen by SLSWA, to compete with other clubs.

For further information or any questions on surf sports, please contact the Director of Surf Sports.

Surf Sports girls