Nippers 2018/19 Season

Nippers operates on Pyramids Beach, Dawesville from November – March each Summer.

Get your copy of the 2018-2019 Nippers Handbook here

Nippers Planner 2018-2019 Season


Nippers from U8 upwards must complete the Preliminary Skills Evaluation.  This includes a swim and a float test appropriate for their particular age group. If your child has not completed this, please talk to your Age Manager prior to commencing the Nippers program.

For those Nippers from U8 upward that would like to compete in local carnivals, country and state championships as part of the Surfsports team, a Competition Skills Evaluation Proficiency test in open water is required.  Open water swims are held at Avalon Bay and depending on age groups range from 100m (from U8’s), 150m (U10’s) to 288m (U11’s upwards).

These Nippers can then join the Surf Sports team and be included in additional training.

SLSWA Surf Education Programs

Nippers is about learning and having fun in a safe beach environment.  The morning program will include a range of activities that are part of the relevant SLSWA Surf Education programs for that Age Group: Surf Play, Surf Safe, Surf Smart and finally Surf Rescue Certificates.

  • Warm up exercises

  • Water arena (Swimming, Surf awareness and Rescue boards)

  • Beach arena (Flags, Sprints, Relays and 1km Beach runs for older Nippers)

  • Team games and activities (Ball games and activities to facilitate fitness)

  • Education (Theory, Beach safety, Basic surf life saving knowledge and first aid)

Each Age group is led by a qualified Age Manager who coordinates activities for your child.  Port Bouvard SLSC is entirely volunteer run, with no paid staff.  This includes Age Managers, so any assistance you can offer on the days you attend with your child is greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in Age Managing or being an Assistant Age Manager, please speak with the Age Manager for your group or either of the Nippers Coordinators, Mark or Sheridan.  


Nippers Uniform

Nippers are required to wear a colour skullcap (colour as per below) at all times whilst engaging in the Nippers program.  These must be purchased and worn whilst under the direction of their Age Manager, and removed immediately once your child is signed out for the day.

All other club merchandise is optional and can be purchased from within the clubhouse on Sunday mornings.


Please ensure your child has a rashie or long sleeved top, sunscreen, a water bottle, goggles (optional) and a towel. Additional sunscreen is available at the Patrol Tower.

Surf Sports participants must wear their Nippers cap for training, but will have to purchase a competition cap if they wish to compete. They will also need club bathers for competitions. The yellow/pink competition vest will be supplied by the club.

Timing and Information

The first activities for the day will commence at 9am sharp. Children should be signed in before this.

Program times each Sunday are as follows:

  • U6 - U7                  9am – 10.30am

  • U8 - U13                9am – 11am


Any announcements of general interest will be made after the children have left to start their warm up. Also check the whiteboard on the Nippers trailer for further information on upcoming events.

Children can start Nippers if they are 5 by the 30 September before the season starts.  Nippers runs until they are 13 where they can opt to complete  their Surf Rescue Certificate to become a lifesaver.

Parents/guardians must not leave the beach/clubhouse after signing their child into Nippers.

Parents/guardians are required to help with the days’ activities for the program to function effectively, especially with younger age groups.


We are always looking for new Age Managers. Why not join your kids and have fun too!  For more information about Nippers or if you are interested in helping contact the Nippers Coordinator.

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