At Port Bouvard SLSC we have a very strong Education Team and are able to offer all of the hands on Surf Life Saving courses to our members. All of our trainers have gained skills and experience within Surf Life Saving and volunteer their time to give back to enable others to gain Awards in these areas.

We are currently running and SRC & Bronze Medallion course but looking for Expression of interest for our next courses.

If you are interested or would like more information email

Whats do we learn?

Surf lifesavers undertake a number of roles including aquatic rescues, providing first aid and emergency care and providing surf safety information to the public. There are numerous pathways to learning and opportunities to give back to the Community whilst improving on personal goals.

Some of the basic education covered with Surf Life Saving is:

  • Safety & Wellbeing
  • Surf Awareness & Skills
  • The Human Body – Anatomy & Physiology
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Basic oxygen & defibrillation techniques
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Radio operations
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Carries & supports
  • Beach Management


Your membership is valid from the 1st October each year through to 30th September​ the following year.

Surf Rescue Certificate

The Surf Rescue Certificate is the starting point for young people over 13 years to learn and gain skills in aquatic rescue, First Aid, CPR and surf safety. A building block for those coming through the Nippers programme to keep them engaged in a community activity whilst improving and developing their skills. The Surf Rescue Certificate enables the candidate to actively patrol and wear “Red & Yellows” whilst still being mentored. Once they turn 15 they can then complete a conversion course to the Bronze Medallion.

What does the course involve?

You will learn board & tube rescues in ocean conditions, First Aid, Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillation, radios and patient management in a fun but controlled environment. You will make great friends and gain valuable life skills.

Pre requisites for this award:

  • 13+ Years
  • Pool swim of 200m in 5 mins or less
  • Final assessment involving a 100m Run, 100m Swim, 100m Run, board & tube rescues, signal & First Aid scenarios

Bronze Medallion

The Bronze Medallion is the gateway to Surf Life Saving qualifications. The Bronze Medallion is open to everyone 15 years and over and builds on aquatic rescue, CPR, Spinals, First Aid and beach management. Bronze Medallion holders are active on patrol and help mentor the youth patrolling members building a good team environment This is an intensive course run over a 6-8 week period.

What does the course involve?

You will learn board & tube rescues in ocean conditions, spinal management, First Aid, Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillation, Oxygen, radios and patient management. You will get the opportunity to join a patrol team and fine tune your skills by adding to your learning. That can be in a number of ways, you may wish to go on to be IRB Crew or improve your beach management skills and go for a Silver Medallion. There are lots of opportunities once you have completed your Bronze Medallion.

Pre requisites for this award:

  • 15+ Years

  • Pool swim of 400m in 9 mins or less

  • Final assessment involving a 200m Run, 200m Swim, 200m Run, board & tube rescue, spinals, signals and first Aid scenarios

Whats next?

After receiving a Bronze Medallion, members can further enhance their surf lifesaving skills by undertaking courses for the following awards:


  • ARTC – Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Spinal Management Certificate
  • Pain Management Certificate
  • Radio Operators Certificate
  • IRB crew certificate
  • Silver Medallion – IRB Driver
  • Silver Medallion – Basic Beach Management
  • Gold Medallion
  • Training Officer Certificate
  • Assessor Certificate