Nippers 2016/17 Season

Nippers 2016/17 Season starts on Sunday 6th November 8.45.
Proficiency Swims are required prior to commencing any water based activities for all Nippers participating in Under 8’s to Under 13’s Surf Club program. This consists of a short continuous swim and back float. Evaluations will take place on Sunday 18 September 2016 – from 10am to 2pm at Mandurah Aquatic Centre.

All Nippers must have a skull cap for their age group .

Under 6 LILAC
Under 7 YELLOW
Under 12 PURPLE
Under 13 RED
Under 14 GOLD

Junior Beach Program

Nippers is about learning, confidence and having fun in a safe beach environment.

  • learn new skills
  • be aware of risks at the beach
  • stay safe in the surf and the sand
  • have fun with new friends.

SUNDAY PROGRAM: Kids can start Nippers if they are 5 by the 20th of September before the season starts. Nippers runs up until kids are 13 where they are old enough to do their Surf Rescue Certificate to be become a lifesaver. The program runs at Pyramids Beach on Sunday mornings 8:45 to 11am from end of October until end of March. Age Managers and Water Safety are required to help run the programs for the Nippers.



COMPETITIONS AND TRAINING: Competitions are a great part of lifesaving. Nippers in the U11’s and up are supported to enter carnivals locally, at state level and at national level. Board and beach training is provided by club coaches during the week.

  • Training Prerequisites
  • Training Schedules

MEMBERSHIP: New members of all ages are always welcome.

  • See our  HOW TO JOIN page


Any parent can take one of our courses so that they can become an Age Manager. Why not join your kids and have fun too! If you are interested in helping contact the Nippers Coordinator.


Nippers water based activities need people in the water to keep our kids safe while they play.

If you are interested in training to become a Water Safety Parent please contact Nippers Coordinator or the Director of Education.


Junior Surf Sports begins in Under11’s and continues through to Under14’s. Children have the opportunity to compete in events such as Flag Racing, Sprints, Surf Races, Board Races, Relays and various other team events.

  • Training Prerequisites
  • Training Schedule
  • Competition Schedule

For more information contact the Junior Surf Sports Coordinator

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