How to Join

Becoming A Member in 5 Easy Steps!

To see a list of what type of member you would like to be click here Port Bouvard Membership Categories

Now that you have decided our club is right for you lets show you how to become a Clubbie! Click here for a copy of the current  Membership Fee structure 2017 2018

1. You will need your Birth Certificate, drivers license, credit card, pen and paper to write down your very important username and password.

2. This username and password will allow you to renew very year in one simple step. It is vital that you keep it in a safe place

3. Please make sure you fill in as much information about yourselves as possible this helps us to ensure you are benefiting from the club and we can tap into your talents. Please be aware this is confidential.

4. Download the cheat sheet How to sign up online to assist you in following the steps.

Please note that you will need to register each person in your family individually so allow time to spend on this process

5. Click here to open the registration page and get started.


Kidsport applications must be applied for online at