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We are always taking expressions of interest for Club Courses.

Courses for this season include SRC, Bronze Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Pain Management and Spinal Management & IRB Drivers Course. Dates coming soon, but if you are interested please register your interest now.

If you would like to take part in the next course email

Course Dates For 2016-17 Season

Bronze Medallion and SRC

We seeking expressions of interest for the upcoming Bronze Medallion (BM) / Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) Courses due to kick off during the later half of October. We are scheduling a Meet’n’Greet night for candidates on the 11th of October at the PBSLSC clubrooms, with the course to officially commence after this.

The courses are structured as follows:

SRC:  Intended for under 15yrs of age, but officially open to anyone.  Easiest option to perform Water Safety for Nippers and/or Patrol.  Must complete 200m pool swim in 5 mins to commence.  Will learn Signals, Board Rescues, Tube Rescues, First Aid, Resuscitation, Radio Communications.  Also must complete 100m Run – 100m Swim – 100m Run in under 5 mins to pass (Beach & Ocean).  Online component to be completed as well.

BM:  Intended for 15yrs and over.  Allows you to perform Water Safety, Patrol, and is the minimum pre-requisite for other courses/pathways within SLSA (ie, IRB operations, Jet Ski etc etc) Must complete 400m pool swim in 9 minutes to pass (min 200m in 5 mins to commence).  Will learn all of the same material as SRC, plus Spinal management, Defibrillation and using Oxygen in first aid.  Also must complete 200m Run – 200m Swim – 200m Run in 8 minutes to pass (Beach & Ocean). Online component to be completed as well.

If this is something you’ve considered doing, now is the time.  You’ll be finished by mid December and can wear your yellow and reds with pride before christmas.

For more Information  email by Wednesday 5th October

The Bronze course is open to members aged 15 years and over by the end of the course.

SRC Course


For more Information  email

Parents will be requested to attend with their kids for this session. SRC is open to participants aged 13 and over by the end of the course. We will conduct a proficiency swim of 200m Freestyle in under 5 minutes and a 3 minute survival float.

IRB Crew Course

IRB Drivers


Senior First Aid Course