Club Code of Conduct

TRUST: Trust is relying and believing in someone or something. It is having confidence that the right thing will be done and the right thing will happen. Trust in your Club, trust in your fellow members and trust in yourself. That confidence will help you grow with and within your Surf Life Saving experience.
HONESTY: Honesty is being open, trustworthy and sincere. Honesty allows us to trust things to be as they appear. It means you are true to yourself, your abilities and your intentions. If we are honest with each other in the Club, we can work together and engender a stronger sense of TEAM. Being honest with our own abilities will keep us and the TEAM safer in our aquatic endeavours.
INTEGRITY: Act with Integrity and a sense of Fairness at all times. Be true to the vision of the Club and all that it stands for both in the eyes of the Club and the Public. The Integrity of us as individual members reflects not only Port Bouvard SLSC but that ofSLSA.
RESPECT: Respect is an attitude of honouring people and having concern for their rights and feelings. Being respectful of each other manifests itself in the very way in which we treat each other… the way we speak to each other, the way we treat each other’s
belongings and the way we speak about others in their absence. It is also about showingthe same respect to the Club and its History. Respect shows honour and pride.
Respect your fellow members.
Respect the Rules of the Club.
Respect includes Self-respect.
PRIDE: Pride is the heartfelt sense of belonging to the movement of the Red and Yellow. Wear your uniform with pride. Wear your Club colours with pride. Pride in Surf Lifesaving and Port Bouvard SLSC is the glue that binds us all together in our common cause, our common passion and our sense of Community and Club.
INNOVATION: Innovation is the adoption of new ideas and change. It incorporates teamwork and collaboration between fellow members and the wider community whilst allowing for transparent and inclusive improvement and evaluation of performance within our club and its individual Pillars of Participation.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability of members to abide by the spirit of this code and the Rules of the Club. Members are accountable for their actions and their commitment to the contribution the club makes to its community. The position holders are accountable to the members and the community for their decisions and actions while undertaking those roles.
VIGILANCE: Vigilance in any task we take upon ourselves. Vigilance in adhering to the Code of Conduct and the other Rules that govern us in the Surf Lifesaving Movement. When you do a job, do it well. Perform your role in the Club with vigilance, diligence and dedication to a movement that is iconic and truly Australian for Life. All aspects of the Club are deserving of this virtue of being alert and protective. Be watchful and careful with all
that is OUR CLUB. ….from the littlest nipper, to the visitor on the beach, to the equipmentand the policies and procedures.
**Under our watchful eyes will the Club and its members prosper and grow…TOGETHER.

Vision Statement

To be a leading and respected community organization that provides an effective and efficient Surf Life Saving servie at Pyramids Beach, Dawesville, WA.

Mission Statement

To develop a high-profile club that is publicly recognized as an important member and contributor to the community of Mandurah and the Peel Region. Through constant evaluation of its performance, a platform will be established to ensure continuous improvement of the Club.