Executive Committee For 2017-18 Season

Club President: Jeff Kallawk

Club Vice President: Marcus Martin

Club Captain: Wayne Butchart

Club Administration Officer: Ingrid Foster

Club Treasurer: Ben Hlaing

Director of Lifesaving: Cameron Baker

Director of Education: Michelle Hodges

Director of Membership: Tanya Turner

Director of Surf Sports: Richard Cleveland

Director of Youth: Melissa Martyn

Position Holders For 2017-18 Season

Gear Shed Officer: Wayne Butchart/Paul Curley

Proficiency Officer: Melissa Martyn

Nippers Coordinator: Andrew Trotter

Merchandise & uniforms: Tanja O’Brien

Street Appeal Coordinator: Helen Steffan

Competition Manager: Jane Watson

Surf Sports Administration: Jane Watson

Newsletter Officer: Meri-Anne

2nd story : Mark Fenton


Would you like to be more involved in your Club? Port Bouvard SLSC has lots of ways for you to have input in your Club.

We have  a Club Structure that allows for members to find their niche in the Club by contributing in an area of interest for YOU.

Any time you can give is valuable and appreciated. We need many hands to help keep the cogs turning and the ship moving forward……..Come on Board!!

There are bigger positions and sub committees where several people can work together to see the job done.

Please contact us today if you can lend a hand in any of the areas below:

  • Admin – various duties that people could share in this role.
  • Induction – making members aware of how the Club runs and all it has to offer.
  • Promotions – helping to develop signs, posters, flyers and getting the word out about membership, courses, events etc .
  • Coaching – Surf Sports needs help in organising Junior coaching and training, boards, swimming running and also with organisation of Carnivals.
  • Director of House – someone to coordinate the various aspects of the Social and Membership areas.
  • Social – need a committee to develop ideas for bringing Clubbies together.
  • Fundraising – need people to help with some of the Fundraising events for the year, helping the small team we have already with some admin stuff and keeping track of who can do what.